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Microsoft Web Farm Framework: Microsoft Web Farm Framework

Microsoft Web Farm Framework Microsoft Web Farm Framework for IIS7 enables administrators to provision, scale and manage their web infrastructure
Microsoft has released Web Farm Framework Beta, which enables us to easily provision and manage a farm of web servers. It enables to automate the installation and configuration of platform components across the server farm, and enables to automatically synchronize and deploy ASP.Net applications across them. It also supports integration with load balancers, enables to automate update across our servers so that our site/ application is never down or unavailable to customers.
Web Farm Framework can be used to :
Provision web platform and contentScale web infrastructure and resources using ARR and 3rd party load balancersManage multiple servers or a farm using a unified interface
Using Web Farm Framework to Provision and Scale a Web FarmThe Microsoft Web Farm Framework enables you to easily define a “Server Farm” that you can add any number of ser…

Generic Methods: Generic Method

Generic Methods: Generic Method: " Generic in C# means common to or applicable to an entire class. As m..."

UML: UML Intro UML stands for Unified Modeling Languag...

UML stands for Unified Modeling Language. UML is a graphical language for visualizing, specifying, constructing & documenting the artifacts of a software system. It is a standard language for designing and documenting a system in an object oriented manner. UML provides blue print for Business process, System functioning, programming language statements, Database schema & reusable components.

UML is used in all phases of software development from Requirement Specification to Acceptance Test and from Designing a solution to Deploying/ Packaging. Modeling has been around for years not only in software field but also in other fields like Civil, Mechanical, etc. we get a model ready & approved before starting the production. Modeling makes complex system to break up into simple and discrete pieces that be individually understood. If we ask ourselves have we been doing/ following modeling, most of us would say NO. But all of us do modeling, the flowchart that we draw is…